Digital camera VS Smartphone camera

Digital camera VS Smartphone camera

Can a Smartphone replace a digital camera? Well, in this new digital era, taking photos of everyday life events is a common task and it REALLY matters how we take photos and how they look in terms of quality.

So let’s check some points that will help answer our question and look all the pros and cons of a digital camera and a smartphone.

Let’s get started!


Let’s be honest, carrying a smartphone is more hassle free than a camera. I can put my smartphone in any of my jeans pocket and I’m ready to go.

With a digital camera the story is different, you can’t put in your pocket unless it’s a compact camera and holding all day long in your hands is not efficient. Now imagine the trouble when you have a camera and it’s lens attached and other stuff to carry…

To reduce this inconvenient many brands have bags/cases specially designed for carrying cameras and you also have neck straps available to so you can make your hands free when not using the camera.

Keep in mind that in some situations a smartphone is preferred than a digital camera and vice versa. If you go out in a dinner date  it does not make sense to take a digital camera with you (unless you want to impress him/her with your photography skills, but please, don’t be boring!).

However, if you go in a safari, a digital camera will be the best option to take pictures because you will get more quality and color than a smartphone.

Picture quality

Picture Quality

Common smartphones have usually between 5MP to 12MP and a decent digital camera have more than 20MP.

The more megapixels you have, the better will be the picture quality and you will be able to print your images in larger scale without getting it visible pixels.

At the moment Digital Cameras can easily beat smartphones in terms of megapixels. But it’s not just about megapixels, Digital cameras have better image stabilization, larger sensors that allow great picture details in all light scenarios.

A smartphone camera quality is not bad at all and it’s great for casual photos, but it will never be even close to what a digital camera has to offer.

Low light Scenarios

Low light photography

No need too think to much, we all know who’s the real winner here. Although smartphones nowadays have improved their camera performance, they still can’t get to a digital camera level. There might be two or three smartphones that shoot well in low light scenarios but that can’t beat the wide range of digital cameras available in the market that work like a charm in low light scenarios.

Battery autonomy

Battery Life

Both digital cameras and smartphones have almost the same battery autonomy. But we should keep two things in mind, a smartphone is not only made to take photos, it has a lot of features besides that. On the other hand digital cameras have only one purpose: SHOOT!

Internet Connectivity/ Social Share

When you take a photo in your smartphone you can easily with one or two taps share it with your friends. In this matter we must agree that digital cameras are little behind. I said “little” because new cameras like Canon EOS 6D or Nikon D5500 also have WIFI connection so you can share your images with a nearby device.

Image Edition

Image Edition

Smartphones have the plus point when it gets to fast image editing, although they also have a negative point that is the image quality. To start, smartphones already have low image quality (compared to digital cameras) and when they get edited on the various apps, the photo loses quality, and in the end you are still very limited to just a few things that you can edit through the app.

On the other hand, photos taken by digital cameras take more time to be edited, but every little detail can be edited, either you shoot raw or jpeg, and not to mention the amazing image quality!

Zoom versatility

Smartphone camera zoom spoils the image with pixels before even taking the picture, whereas digital cameras, due to the high quality have sharp and clean pictures. In the smartphone camera you are limited to the number of times that you can zoom, and digital cameras you can add lenses that will let you have more control over the zoom (more zoom ratio) and image quality.


Smartphones have internal storage up to 128GB plus the cloud storage space that you may have. This 128GB can get easily occupied with images, games and apps. However, in terms of size, your image  won’t be that space consuming.
Digital cameras need more storage than a smartphone because the image have more “data” so 128GB is not enough. That’s why there are many kinds of storage systems like SmartMedia cards, CompactFlash cards and Memory Sticks that mainly vary between 32 to 128GB.
You can always tweak settings in digital cameras and smartphones to reduce the overall image, however this can affect your picture quality.



The price really depends on what features a smartphone or digital camera may have and the type of usage that it will have.

Comparing these devices in terms of price is not really correct because a smartphone is not just about the camera, it has other purposes too.

But if we compare just the cameras and technical details, a digital camera that have same price as a smartphone will always take better picture.


Smartphones and digital cameras have their own space in our life. Just because you can take photos with a smartphone it doesn’t mean that digital cameras are not worth it.

Digital Cameras still have place in our new digital world because they have the ability to be flexible and be customized so you can plan and take your perfect picture.

Smartphones are great for casual photos and social sharing, but you will never get the same colours and same picture detail from a photo that is taken by a good digital camera.

Taking photos is a form of expression and it captures all the emotions that are lived in that exact moment when you press the “Click” button.
So why not save them with our best effort and quality so in the future you can remember and feel that moments again with all aspects, emotions and colors?
Every photo has a memory, a value, that is recorded forever. It is up to you how you want to save them. So choose wisely!

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